Sunday, August 17, 2003

Day of the Hacks

I'm not sure what made me do it. Perhaps the thrill of the hunt. Perhaps the joy success brings. Perhaps the "I outsmarted you" feeling.

Whatever. I spent almost all of yesterday hacking, poking and proding. I had originall planned on going to the beach, but that plan fell through when I woke up late (went to bed at 3am) and it was cloudy out. Of the things that are capable of being mentioned and noteworthy, I zoomed all the way to level 9 from level of 5 NGSec's Security Game Web Authentication after some 6 months of not-playing. Then, I ripped apart Trustedmachines' new product called EFC which claimed "100% security". Thats funny. I have your shadow file now. Thats anything but 100% security. John the Ripper currently has 18 hours logged in cracking your passwords. Care to guess how many I've cracked? You need to do some serious rethinking, because not only are you emulating work thats already been done, you are also duplicating their mistakes.

Thats about all. We are heading to the beach (for real) today, and then I'm going to a play tonight. With that in mind, hack or be hacked.