Class Racket::L2::VTPGeneric
In: lib/racket/l2/vtp.rb  (CVS)
Parent: RacketPart

VLAN Trunking Protocol (VTP) This is just a base class from which all VTP messages inherit and should never be used directly




code    Message code (summary advertisement, subset advertisement, advertisement request, VTP join)
domain    management domain name, zero padded to 32 bytes
domain_length    Length of the management domain
reserved    Sometimes used, sometimes not, depends on the type
version    VTP version (1-3)

Public Instance methods

Adjust domain_length and domain accordingly prior to sending


# File lib/racket/l2/vtp.rb, line 47
  def fix!
    self.domain_length = self.domain.length 
    self.domain = self.domain.ljust(32, "\x00")